MUZZLE  = n  (=nose and mouth of animal)   museau    m     → Rex presented his muzzle for scratching.        

 (protective device)    muselière    f     to wear a muzzle      [dog]   porter une muselière  → Pit bull terriers have to wear a muzzle.         [+gun]   gueule    f   vt  [+dog]   museler  → All dogs are supposed to be muzzled in the streets.         [+person, press]   museler  → He complained of being muzzled by the chairman ...        → Besides, Roosevelt had pretty well muzzled the press.     

WHIMPER = n gémissement m → David's crying subsided to a whimper to give a whimper pousser un gémissement → The little boy gave a whimper. without a whimper(=without complaining) sans rechigner → They paid up without a whimper. vi [person, dog] gémir to whimper in pain gémir de douleur → She lay on the stairs, whimpering in pain. WUTHERING = Gemir 

WITHER  = [flower] faner [plant, crops] sécher sur pied → farmers in the Midwest have watched their crops wither because of drought conditions //(=become weak [person,industry] dépérir[industry] péricliter → The question now is whether the railways will flourish or wither. [hopes] s'évanouir

AWOL  =  absent without leave adj     (MILITARY)   en absence irrégulière  

to be AWOL      être en absence irrégulière  / to go AWOL        (MILITARY)   être en absence irrégulière  humorous  (=disappear)  [person]   disparaître de la circulation  

→ His real father had gone AWOL about 17 years earlier        

→ Kenneth contacted Stagecoach to complain -- but was told the driver had gone AWOL after the incident last Monday

PHILANDERE  =  n   don Juan    m 
CHUCK = throw   lancer, jeter  → I feel like chucking the bottle through the windscreen.

That night he decided to chuck his job. (finish with)(British)  [+job]   lâcher

plaquer =He's fed up because his girlfriend's just chucked him.  chuck in /chuck out  [+person]   flanquer dehors/ à la porte 

→ We were chucked out of the meeting

PIT  = hole in the ground / trou m  , fosse    
ENDOWMENT  (=money)  dotation [+talent, quality]  

to have an endowment of sth      être doté (e)   de qch  

→ She had, moreover, a reasonable endowment of intelligence

fiend =  démon /such a saint to his patients and such a fiend to his children

FANG  = [+dog, wolf]  croc [+snake]  crochet  
COO   =  vi   roucouler
SPATE = (series) vague    

a spate of = une vague de [+attacks,scandals]   

to be in spate[river]être en crue

ERRANDS = courses 
BEMOAN  = vt déplorer  

→ She bemoaned her lack of qualifications.   

THRUST  = pushing action)  

[+sword, knife]  coup  = propulsive force)   [+engine]  poussée   f    

→ The direction of thrust is controlled by computer.      

→ The cabin shook with the thrust of the engine = poussée de propulsion       

→ The pilot puts the engine into reverse thrust to quickly slow the plane down.      

= emphasis  axe

the main thrust of sth  = l'axe principal de qch  

→ The main thrust of the research will be the study of the early Universe      

=push =pousser brusquement  

→ to thrust sth in sth= fourrer qch dans qch/They thrust him into the jeep. 

He thrust his hands into his pockets. Il fourra ses mains dans ses poches.  

KILN = four

Lime kiln  n. four à chaux

DISCREPENCY  ,between versions, opinions = divergence
CVA =  AVC  = cerebrovascular accident 
SCOURGE  =  fléau
HEATHEN = païen(ne)  
ATONE = to atone for sth    expier qch, racheter qch
CREED  ( = religiousbelief)  croyance   

→ no matter what race or creed      

 (=principles)  philosophie

BEREAVEMENT =   ( = loss of loved one)  perte   f    (d'un proche)  , deuil
FURNACE =n  fourneau
UNCANNY  adj = étrange I have an uncanny ability to pick the wrong man. I had this uncanny feeling that I was seeing the future. étrange , troublant (e)
CONUMDRUM = ( = puzzle)  énigme  
TWEEZERS  = pincettes / a pair of tweezers / pince  à épiler / tweezers  = une pince à épiler 
ABYSMAL = adj   (= appalling) consternant (e)
RIGMAROL   =   comédie / galimatias

→ I don't imagine you want to go through all that rigmarole

HINDRANCE  =  n    Obstacle

→ Her new ideas may be more of a hindrance than an asset.

→ Being the daughter of a famous film star can be more of a hindrance than a help in getting your career off the ground.

SLANDER     = diffamer diffamation .
SKULL DUGGERY  = unscrupulous /trickery
POTHER  = tapage / Why all this pother?

Pourquoi tout ce raffut ?

TODDLER   =enfant , bambin   

Toddle = vi  [child]  faire ses premiers pas  

RUEFULLY   = adv   [grin, look]  d'un air contrit  

 He grinned at her ruefully.

LARCH = mélèze 
STALWART =  n  fidèle partisan(e)    m/f  

stalwart  = adj.  vigoureux / fidèle

WRY = amused and annoyed désabusé(e)  =  ironic
SHENANIGAN  = manigances/magouille/tour
CORDUROY  = velours côtelé
BEACON =  (= lighthouse )fanal   m    

to be a beacon of hope(=encouraging) = être porteur d'espoir  

Our Parliament has been a beacon of hope to the peoples 

= balise  f radio beacon / radiophare

SNEER = n  ricanement /vi ricaner
DOE = biche lapine hase rate
RODENT = n  rongeur
GROPE  = vi  to grope for sth

vt  to grope one's way through the darkness/avancer à tâtons dans l'obscurité  

= Peloter 

AMID = au milieu de ; parmi / amid fears = par peur, par crainte
TINCTURE  = teinture
COG= dent d'engrenage / être un rouage de la machine 
EGREGIOUSLY  = considérablement / de façon flagrante / grossièrement / outrageusement

The tax code is egregiously complicated Le code fiscal est tout simplement exagérément compliqué.

BERATE  = rebuke = réprimander  

to berate sb for sth = réprimander qn pour qch 

FURLOUGH  (US)  = [+worker]  congé  / [+soldier]  permission 
PRY    = s'immiscer / Ela might think she was prying.

I don't mean to pry, but ...  Je ne voudrais pas m'immiscer, mais 

KALE  = chou frisé
LUG = trainer/trimballer luggage
HEX = sorcière / sort
STINGY  = radin / avare
URCHIN = sea urchin =oursin /Street urchin =gosse de la rue
TO STROLL  = se promener
SOOTH = apaiser
POACHING = braconnage
CHORE  = boring task = corvée
VAGARY = caprice/alea vagaries
THROBBING = palpitation/ pulsatif
FOE  = ennemi ; adversaire
HENGE = mégalithe
FUDGE = caramel mou / esquive 
PANTRY  =n  (=cupboard)  garde-manger m inv  (=room)  office 
FATHOM = brasse  / mesure depth  sonder, pénétrer , comprendre , piger
WOO  vt = [+woman] faire la cour à, courtiser
OBLIVIOUS =oblivious to sth oublieux de qch  

They stood motionless, oblivious to everything but their own thoughts Ils se tenaient immobiles, oublieux de tout sauf de leurs propres pensées.  

to be oblivious to sth ne pas être conscient de qch  

People are totally oblivious to who I am. Les gens ne sont absolument pas conscients de qui je suis.  

to be oblivious of sth ne pas être conscient de qch

NEIGH  = Hennir 
TARP = (mainly US) bâche/toile goudronnée
FIEND = démon /such a saint to his patients and such a fiend to his children
DISCREPANCY  = between versions, opinions = divergence
SHENANIGEN = manigances/magouille/tour
CERVIX   =  col  de l'utérus
GALLSTONE  =calcul  biliaire He had surgery for gallstones
WIMP  = mauviette/froussard
SWADDLING    = emmaillotement
LICORICE = réglisse
RATCHET   = cliquet /roue à cliquet=ratchet wheel / faire augmenter
THRIVE  =  ( thrived, throve pt)( thrived, thriven pp  vi (=grow well) [animal, plant]   prospérer
GOAD  = aiguillonner/Charles was always goading me!///to goad sb into doing sth  harceler qn jusqu'à ce qu'il fasse qch She was being goaded into an argument by Tom
QUITOXIC  =adj   chimérique ; donquichottesque ; vain ; généreux 

→ He has always lived his life by a hopelessly quixotic code of honour

powder keg  baril/fût/tonnelet  de poudre

DALLY   vi (=dawdle)   musarder, flâner 

The children dallied in the lane.         

to dally with sb (=flirt) badiner love avec qn 

to dally with an idea  caresser une idée  I'm dallying with the idea of giving up my job.       

dilly-dally  vi   traînasser, lambiner 

Let us not dilly-dally,' barked President Fox

DAWDLE =  vi traîner, lambiner flâner / to dawdle over doing sth=traîner pour faire qch